About us

BODULO Agency is a company with seventeen years of experience in real estate brokerage.

Our specialty are the islands of the Zadar archipelago, while on land we work especially with exclusive real estate and major projects.

We offer family houses, old Dalmatian stone houses, villas 1st row to the sea, apartments, various building plots of different sizes and locations, autochthonous olive groves, and other agricultural land, as well as larger projects on islands and land: hotels and resorts, marinas, larger building land 1st row by the sea from 20000 - 450000 m2 (T2 and T3 zones).

We love our islands with all our heart and we know them in the soul, which is why our agency is the only right choice for you. When we offer real estate to potential buyers, we try to see it with our eyes, because every real estate, regardless of its location, has something special, and it is our specialty to recognize and highlight it in the best possible way.

Real estate investing is always a good idea and we do everything for our clients: real estate brokerage (which includes advertising, attorney fees for pre-contract and/or contract drafting, signature verification and participation in pre-contract and/or contract signature verification, all notary costs, etc.), planning and designing (architect and surveyor services), obtaining all kinds of permits (location, construction, occupancy permits, etc.), obtaining connections (electricity, water, sewage), construction and supervision during construction and subsequent maintenance of real estate.

Show us your trust and we will justify it and fulfill all your expectations and even more.

We are your right hand and support in the implementation of the projects that you envision, whether you are looking for a property to build a family home or an apartment for tourism purposes, if you want to build a campsite, villa, renovate an old stone house or simply look for land to plant olives. Tell us everything, your wishes, needs, ambitions, and dreams - we will help you to achieve them!

BODULO - Your first step to the dream property!


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