Real estate agency services

BODULO Agency is a company with seventeen years of experience in real estate brokerage. Our specialty is the islands of the Zadar archipelago, while on land we work exclusively with exclusive real estate and major projects.

Brokerage services include: visiting the property, collecting and checking the necessary documentation, introducing the seller to the market to form a purchase price, photographing the property, advertising real estate in the media (domestic and foreign markets), communicating with potential buyers and arranging a tour of the property, preparation of pre-contracts and / or contracts for sale of real estate, organization of signature verification and participation in certification of signatures on pre-contract and / or contract for sale of real estate, all attorney's and notary's fees, participation in payment of the purchase price at the bank, participation in the handover of real estate, pre-registration and / or registration of ownership rights, transmission of connections (electricity, water, sewage), consulting, legal assistance and notification of market opportunities and conditions.

Each of these services begins with the conclusion of a brokerage contract with our agency.

The commission is charged in full when signing the pre-contract on the sale of real estate or when signing the contract on the sale of real estate if there is no pre-contract.